Saturday, December 31, 2022



Welcome to Day 1 on the last day of 2022 of what hopefully will be a long lasting, if random blog.

Please feel free or welcome to add your comments and thoughts.

However, please also observe the cardinal rule. 

If you have nothing nice to say, rather keep it to yourself, being nasty and unpleasant is just that.

Lets see what comes from this and my YouTube channel @ Grizzmakes or Riangrizz1963 where I have a bunch of the most random videos ever, uploaded. 

Hopefully in 2023 I will start to format the YouTube channel content into a more congruous thing with logic, chapters and subjects/projects uploaded.

So content on here will range from all sorts of automotive stuff, fixing, restoring, building from mowers to V8 cars and trucks, to woodwork, gardening, arty creative stuff, recycling (I love FREE MONEY) or fixing discarded items to give away, share or use myself or sometimes sell if that was part of the reason for dragging it home in the first place. 

My day job is very clean and clinical and academic, while I actually prefer to be in shorts, T-shirt and flip flops most of the year, getting dirty and occasionally hurt while doing or making stuff.  

As always, advice, guidance most welcome. 

I hope this becomes a fun place for learning and sharing. 

“The kettle is always on”

“Please Note/Disclaimer:

These articles and blogs going forward are a description of the work I do to my vehicles, builds, creations or “art” and in no way constitutes advice on how to work on your own projects. If you are not an experienced mechanic, tradesman, artist etc. then please get an experienced mechanic/tradesman to work on your vehicle/machines/projects for you. No liability can be accepted for anyone attempting to replicate anything shown on this blog."

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