Monday, February 13, 2023

Rezin Rockit Running like Poo - What to do about the Kitcar in the room.

 This is a quick drop of a couple of videos of a bit of problem finding and partial solving, there are loads more videos of parts of this build on the channel and a complete build thread on Retro Rides. Link at the bottom.

So in preparation for the final trouble shooting and fine tuning for it’s MOT test, this kit car that I have been building the last year or so, needed a few runs up to the farm on their private road to see if everything works as it should.

Video shows clearly that is does not.

But a few hours of chatting with various friends on forums, and Nick Wheeler popping over unexpectedly, saw me buy in some parts for a basic service. 

So lifted it to see where the oil filter lives as I could not find it with the significantly lowered car on the ground, small, tucked away and a possible challenge, YouTube also suggested I need a special chan tool on a ratchet extension to get it undone, and small hands. Digging around in my SnapOn toolbox, bought cheaply, used, from a friend years ago, I found not one but two oil filter tools, including the right one as seen below. This was great news, as years ago, I had an oil filter crisis when an oil filter ended up having to be skewered with a large screwdriver, which then managed to tear through the wall. Poop. Ultimately I won that fight, but with a ton of swearing and stress, as the truck had to be driven the same day.

While I had it up, I looked at the air filter, which had clearly seen  better days, and the oil on the dipstick was very black. 

So once a short shopping list was made up I headed for Euro Carparts and spent £63.00 on service items. 

Remember, these are the most basic bits. Cam belt and other bits will be changed later, right now the issue was to get the motor running better than in the video.

Recovering from a Covid infection meant that all I did was drive down, collect the parts, come home, put them down and relax.

Saturday night was spent doing nothing, just resting, because the virus said so, though my mind was not impressed.

If you want to read the whole saga of how to polish a turd, or make a silk purse from a sows ear……

Click the link to see more. 

From this…….

To this.

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